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This short-yet-mighty assessment will help you evaluate your proficiency in Developmental Editing, Line Editing, and Copyediting. Each statement is based on years of study into the successful elements of the stages of editing. I truly hope you enjoy it and find it enlightening.

Who Are You?

I'm Jeanette! I have been writing and editing professionally since 2017. It is my goal to help writers conquer their revision fears and learn to self-edit. Discover more about me by visiting Jeanettethewriter.com

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"Super Helpful"

The sections are super helpful. With this guide, a writer would know exactly what types of editors they’d need!
—Jennifer Wallace

"A Sanity-Saver"

Jeanette's carefully crafted self-editing assessment will save you the angst of deciding whether you really need editing—and what type of editing—for your book. Writers tend to overthink everything, so this guide is a sanity-saver.
—Debra Anazonwu

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